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Gun FAQ: Matrix
1. When i shoot i am getting incredible drop-off (low fps)?
This is most likly because your LPR is set too low or not adjusted correctly. To adjust your LPR go to a chrono and use an allen key to increase your LPR pressure. Make sure you shoot while you do this so that you can notice a difference, and make should your adjustments are very small, as in 1/10 turns. You will notice that is it adjusted correctly because there will be no first shot drop-off and your gun should have less kick.
If you have any questions about Matrix's please contact me and i will post the answers in the FAQ

Are Matrix's any Good?
    Matrix's are great guns, they take a little bit to get used to but are worth every penny. Not only is there a large variety of upgrades for the matrix but the upgrades are actually very good. If you are looking to upgrade your Trix make sure you accuire the following:
Evolve Bolt Kit
Cp Roller Trigger
Tadao v5
Eyes (if you dont already have them)
If you begin to have trouble with you Matrix dont freak out, it is probably just a bad o-ring. Don't let the massive number of o-rings hold you back from getting a Matrix.
Final rating for the Matrix:  9.7/10

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